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Ask yourself:  Why pay more for less?



We have been building and exchaging engines since 1993.  We were the first shop to offer the exchange program and we are still going strong.  We have a complete engine machine and welding shop Including a CNC Boring Bar and almost nothing leaves our shop.  We do it all here on site.  Here are a few reasons why we are your best option for an engine...


Our warranty is Our commitment to you! Heres how it works!

If you have an issue with your engine call us. tell us what happened even if you made a mistake on installation, ran it out of oil or filled it with water, or anything else. we will tell you to send it in. And we will fix it. No questions asked! And we always split the shipping with you! 


 All warranty is void if the engine is disassembled in any way without authorization.  No exceptions!


We use the best available parts for our engines.



Below you will see a bearing made in the USA.  We are the only shop using these bearings (due of the high cost).  This is just another reason our engines are the right choice.


Below you can see a bearing that is made in China. We have taken apart failed engines purchased from other shops who claim to use bearings made in the USA. Every engine we took apart contained these cheap bearings. 

We now offer these bearings in stainless steel!

As you can see, other shops use cheap parts like Nachi bearings.  Our competitor's engines are far from the great quality engine you will get from S.E.S. yet they charge more.

This is a welded crankshaft from S.B.T.  You can see the damage that was done to this crank. It cannot be reused due to the bad weld. We do not weld crankshafts. If they are assebled properly with new parts there will never be an issue. Shops that weld these cranks are reusing crank parts that should be replaced. Cutting corners is always the quickest way to shorten the reliabilty of an engine.    

We are one of the only shops that will rebuild your core for you and send it back at your request. We are very strict with your parts and accesories.  Every engine gets tagged with your name, phone number, address and an itemized list of parts that came on the engine and another tag goes in the tub with your parts.




















Every part of the engine goes though a harsh and extensive cleaning process and then the sand blaster, leaving all parts (inside and out) looking like new.






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