What is a good core engine?

(If your core has a hole or crack we have to use that core for you only. We do this to be fair to other customers who have no damage to their core)


Your old engine is your core.  There are many reasons why engines need to be rebuilt, and most of the time the core is good.  Don't think that yours is not good. Let us take a look at it.  We can fix almost anything, and if we can't we have resources to get what you need.


S.B.T. engines have milled combustion chambers. We can not return the engine to stock compression unless you provide a stock head with an oem squish band.

S.B.T. cores are accepted but please let us know up front. 



This is a 951-947 engine with a hole in the lower half of the case. This is the most common reason our customers think the core is no good.

As you can see we have every means to fix damaged cases, making them better and stronger than than they were before.

We take just as much time and pride repairing the inside of these engines so the performance and reliabilty is never compromised.

This is a finished repair - Just like new!







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