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In 2014 my husband was ready to sell our Seadoos and give up on the water. We just sent Our third engine in three years to S.E.S. The other two have been running great. I had delt with another shop for years and was not happy with them "especially when they talked to me like I was a dumb girl". I'm Glad I found S.E.S. And didnt give up. 

My family is having so much fun. 


Alpena MI.

I bought a used 787engine off Ebay in jan. Put it in my 96 gtx. It started up and sounded good. I parked it in my garage. Pulled it out the end of april and turned it over . The engine was full of oil and it bent a rod, the seller wouldn't even ansewr my calls or emails. I sent it to S.E.S. They where really helpfull with the cost and my experience was great.


Hartford Ct.

Just turned 20 hours my 2 S.E.S.engines. Super happy with them. They have outstanding customer service.​


Toledo OH.

My experience was long but turned out well. I had my Gtx 947 engine rebuilt by S.E.S. After sitting for 10 years. long story short I it blew up 5 times. Tom never hassled me about the warranty Even though it was our fault. Just kept fixing it and  sending it back, He finnaly covinced me to send my carb rack to them. Needless to say It ran flawless all summer towing a tube with my 5 kids.



Fair haven, NY.




I had a good experience. I'm very happy with my engine. They were always avaible for qustions and always called me back when I missed them. The only thing that was it took a week longer than I was quoted.



 Kalamazoo,  MI.



S.E.S. Built a forged 255 4 tec for me. I can not beleive how much better it runs.

Kevin, clarksville TN.



I own a seadoo rental business, They have built over a hundred engines for me in the last 13 years. No builders engines get more hours than S.E.S.  


Doug, Belle vue, St Lucia




















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