PREMIUM engines come with a 2year no fault

We have put all our experience into its design! This is a completly differant engine than our standard engineIt comes with a Extended NO FAULT warranty that begins when you recieve your engine back.  This engine is built for pure abuse and it loves it! 

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We offer a NO FAULT warranty on all of our engines. We stand behind our product because we build quality plain and simple. You should avoid any shop that doesn't. Many other shops offer limited warranties, which allows them to blame you for the engine failure. There's nothing worse than buying a poorly rebuilt engine and finding out that it has no real warranty!

*All prices are with a core exchange -We do not sell new engines - we exchange or rebuild what you send us. Call now (267)-432-3169 

This is our premium 951 fuel injected engine. $1299.00 with core exchange

This is our premium 951 CARB engine $1099 with core exchange

This is our premium 787-800 engine

$999.00 with core exchange.

787 RFI premium rebuild. $999.00 with core exchange

This is our premium 717-720 seadoo engine. $999.00 with a core exchange.

This is our 657-OR-657x premium seadoo engine.

    $949.00 (with core exchange)

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