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A NO FAULT warranty is the only real warranty!  

If it's not a no fault warranty! It's a your fault warranty.  Some other shops give warranties that are not a NO FAULT. That means they don't trust their own work! They give long limited warranties with a lot of stipulations so they can opt out of covering their mistakes. There's nothing worse than buying a poorly rebuilt engine and finding out that it has no real warranty!


With the best warranty in the industry Our warranty is a commitment that we make to you.! Heres how it works! If you have an issue with your engine call us. tell us what happened even if you made a mistake on installation, ran it out of oil or filled it with water, or anything else. we will tell you to send it back. We will fix it. No questions asked! And we always split the shipping with you! 


We give a NO FAULT warranty on all of our engines. We stand behind our product 100% because we build quality plain and simple. Ask yourself: Why pay more for less engine?

All warranty is void if the engine is disassembled in any way without authorization.  No exceptions!

At the, Seadoo Engine, Shop, we are focused on excellent workmanship, great prices, and fast returns.  You can learn more about us here.